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Asko Nivala

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Academy of Finland

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Cultural History
University of Turku

About the Romantic Cartographies project

Most texts are spatial implying a network of important places. This was especially typical of the Romantic era (1790–1840) that was characterised by the growing interest in historical and natural sites. Romantic Cartographies project provides a new interpretation of English and German Romanticism by changing the focus from temporal to spatial. It analyses the spatiality of Romantic texts by reconstructing the various geographic maps they implied.

You can browse the project database focusing on texts, authors, places, routes and topic models. It is worth mentioning that not all authors included in the database are considered ‘Romantic’. First, the definition of ‘Romanticism’ is far from undisputed. Therefore to avoid reducing Romanticism to the current literary canon, it is better to be inclusive than too exclusive. Second, some contemporaries of the Romantic authors are included for comparative purposes.

Alpha version

Please note that the current version of the database is an alpha release which may contain bugs or erroneous data. If you find any errors, please contact the developer. More documentation about the website and its functions will be provided in the future.


The website and research database is made by Asko Nivala (University of Turku) and it is a result of postdoctoral research project funded by Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (2017–2019) and Academy of Finland (2019-2022, decision number 321945).

Software libraries
Historical vector data
  • Coastlines: GeoMAPS (License)
  • Europe 1800: © Copyright 2008, Christos Nüssli, Euratlas –, reproduction prohibited, license of (5.8.2019).
  • Major cities 1800: Asko Nivala based on (Chandler & Fox 1974).
  • State borders 1815: Thinkquest (License)
  • German Confereration: Elektronische Datengrundlage: Projekt HGIS Germany, Mainz 2006. (License)
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